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Blister Packaging Lines

The BPL Lines are Part of our new BPL Family which offers you cost efficient Pharma Packaging with highest quality standards.
The blister-lines comprising a feeder, blister machine and cartoner.

  • The BPL120 packs small batches up to 50,000 packs with the highest quality and efficiency at its class

  • The BPL300 packs medium batches up to 170,000 packs with the highest quality and efficiency at its class

  • The BPL600 packs big batches 150,000 packs or more with the highest quality and efficiency at its class


Our Blister Packaging Lines require little operator training. By scaling the complexity of the control system down we have created a practical machine Family that allows the user to see the process very clearly. Indepent from the Output the HMI Design stays the same.

All Lines are available with plate and rotary sealing depending on your needs and products, they come with the availability for ALU and PVC forming, and a modern pick and place transfer combined with state-of-the-art technology and intuitive HMI design.


From Q3 the intermediate line BPL300 will be also available as "GREENLINE"
with the possibility to run PP (Polypropylen) Mono Blisters.

Thanks too new design technologies and a standardized production we reach a low ecological footprint.
Format change overs routinely taking less than 30 minutes for BPL120.

-           Manufacturer-independent automation & IOT thanks to Schneider Electric
-           Standardized assembly production = low environmental footprint
-           Short delivery times
-           Format change < 30 minutes
-           Little operator training
-           Intuitive HMI
-           ALU and PVC forming
-           Low maintenance pick and place transfer
-           Space saving (7,2m) for BPL120

-           After sales, service an spare parts from germany




up to 120 Cartons




up to 300 Cartons




Up to 600 Cartons

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