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Bringing your Machines back to life

In order to make the transition towards Industry 4.0, there are basically two paths open to you: The greenfield approach simply involves purchasing the latest generation of machines. However, this is not economically feasible for many companies and is relatively questionable from a sustainability perspective, which is becoming increasingly important these days. The other alternative we prioritize is the brownfield concept, also known as Retrofitting. 


Mechanical or electrical overhauling of single Stations or complete Packaging or Manufacturing Machines will be the first step ahead keeping your machines in good condition and reduce the costs of Maintenance tasks


Retrofitting your Blistermachines, Cartoner, Tablet Presses etc. with modern assemblies and upgrades is a cost effective way of improving your efficiency, while reducing Maintenance costs. In many cases, a simple retrofit can restore an older Machine into an efficient up to date system, at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

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