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High-speed Blister Line 400

Plate or rotary sealing available according to our high quality Standards made for Maeder Pharma Services. According all EU regulations including CE Declaration. Best choice in terms of Price and Quality, and of course our best in class Service.

This Blister-Cartoner Line is combined with the DPH350i Blister Machine and ZH400i Cartoner.
Through the integration of a blister and cartoner module for packaging and cartoning of pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, and ampoules, this Blister Packaging Line is Jornen’s innovative response to the need for high efficiency and low-cost operation, flexibility, and maximum productivity for mass batch production.

Processes all common solid dose products and all types of forming material.

The machine can achieve 180 minutes of uninterrupted production thanks to the Blister module with forming material reels of up to 600mm in diameter and a waste material trimming cutter.

Capable of all standard types of closure systems for cartons from tuck-in to hot-melt.

The heart of a Blister Line is the connection between the Blister Machine and Cartoner. In this line, the connection phase is truly innovative thanks to rotary blister cards pick-up arms and the blister counting magazine that adopt precise servo technology. These accurately control blister transfer, faulty blister rejection, positioning, and feeding, etc., to assure the stability of high running speed.

The blister and cartoner unit were optimally combined in this line, less than nine meters in length, it provides easy changeover for different sizes of formats and cartons.

This line adopts the fully-enclosed structure and safety door, it is in line with the most stringent European safety standards.

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